Social Media Advertising Campaign (A/B Split Test)


We’ll create your ads using our industry leading software that gives us real time feedback on all the industry stuff that’s working for other companies right now. We’ll publish it at the times our AI suggests based on likelihood of your specific audience buying, and we’ll report the stats to you at the end of the month! It’s truly that easy 🙂

The price listed is a minimum, if you want additional ad time you may purchase it in $50 increments through the “Additional Ad Spend” option. This increases your exposure to your fans, your following, page usage, and the return on your investment.

Please remember that our prices are determined by our suppliers and not us so as the costs increase for us (not often) we may adjust the pricing to cover our additional expenses.


Shelf of small wooden business people and one being risen above the others by SF Business Academy
SF Business Academy knows how you can make your brand stand out

Don’t use the Social Media Platforms to create your ads, they’re incentivized to ensure your ads suck so that you have to keep coming back.

Our Certified Business Impact Team will create your ads for you, publish them online, and track the results to ensure that you’re making a return on your investment.

Our Cutting-Edge Technology creates your ads and gives us feedback in real time, which means YOU get to keep track of how your ad is producing as often as you want to.
We know all of the tricks to ensure you’re getting maximum return on your investment!


After this test, you are welcome to run your own ads using the content we’ve created for you or you’re welcome to setup an Advertiser Account with our Business Impact Team to ensure you keep getting results YOUR way!


*** All of our fees are included in this purchase, this is your Advertising budget which includes all of our fees as well.


This will reach approximately 1,200 – 3,400 viewers over a 48 hour window on your social media platform.


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