I am a specialist.

I work almost exclusively for start-ups and everything I do is geared to their special requirements. I believe my services are more relevant to tiny young companies than those offered by well-known consultancies.


Anyone can contact me.


Any innovator can contact me directly without an introduction. I positively welcome early stage projects and there is no minimum size.


I try to be as constructive as possible.


I study carefully all the documents an innovator sends me. Then I listen patiently to everything he or she has to say about the project in question. If I decide not to go forward, I always explain why. I frequently invite innovators to rework their concept and try again.


I have a hidden treasure.


More than half of my clients needed a managing director although hardly any realised this when they first contacted me. So I maintain an ultra-confidential database of managers who want to escape from big groups and lead a small entrepreneurial team.


I share my clients’ risks


I take my remuneration in shares. So I put myself in the same position as the entrepreneurs and investors. I cannot come out ahead unless and until a client succeeds.


I am independent.

I have no partnerships with accountants, lawyers, bankers, patent agents or any other service providers. I can however tell new clients which ones my existing clients have found to be cost-effective.


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