I work with my clients at every stage of their development.

Getting acquainted stage


Innovators can contact me at any time by e-mail or by phone. I usually ask them to send me everything they have written up so far about their project. I read absolutely everything they send me. Then I ask lots of questions on the phone.


If I feel that a project has real potential, and if the innovator likes my approach, I take as much time as needed to meet with the entire team and talk through all the issues.


Consulting stage


If we agree to collaborate, I make a written proposal setting out what each side will do. If my proposal is accepted we agree an action plan with realistic deadlines.


• Optimising the strategy and translating it into an actionable financial model requires several working days of my time spread out over weeks or even longer.

• Then I “force” clients to write (or rewrite) their own business plan by translating my model into text. This is the only sure way I have found to avoid serious misunderstandings.

• Recruiting a managing director often takes months. Raising seed capital usually takes even longer.


Follow-up stage

Once a company is funded and properly launched, I offer coaching at very low rates.


I show the entrepreneurs how to take advantage of their own experience and capitalize on the market place knowledge they acquire casually. I also help them to anticipate, as best as one can, the evolution of their market.


I also guarantee, for investors who sign up for it, a strategic follow-up during the first three years: monthly in Year 1, bi-monthly in Year 2 and quarterly in Year 3.

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